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Private Tutoring

private tutoringPrivate tutoring will:

Eliminate distractions
One-on-one tutoring at Cornerstone allows your child to work in a private, comfortable, and professional setting.

Allow a perfect tutor match
We will help you select a tutor who has the background and personality that suits your child! We guarantee this tutor match will be to your satisfaction, or we will credit the session and allow your student to work with another tutor.

Allow your child to focus on specific areas
Classroom teachers are constrained by time and pacing for subject coverage; they have to 'teach to the middle' of the group. Our goal is to only tutor a student in the areas where attention is actually needed, which maximizes cost effectiveness and maintains student motivation.

Provide confidence and self-esteem
Confidence is an extremely important factor when learning any new subject! The more confident children feel in a course of study, the more creative their thought processes become. This means they will be able to grasp complicated concepts much more easily, and to connect these concepts to other areas of their curriculum.

Encourage enthusiasm
Cornerstone's tutors are passionate about the subjects that they teach. Your student may very well develop an interest and fascination for a subject, because not only are they being taught the basics, but they are also working with someone who can illustrate the practical and more advanced uses of a concept.

Remediate, and then build towards academic success
Sometimes students may have missed key points in the syllabus that are now holding them back from understanding more advanced concepts. Almost every subject scaffolds off of the concepts that come before! A poor understanding of algebraic concepts, for instance, will create problems for any geometry student. Our tutors excel at identifying areas that need work, and bringing a student back up to speed. At that point, students begin to pre-learn upcoming topics, giving them a proven advantage over their classmates.

Give students a forum to ask questions
Many children are self-conscious about asking questions in class. Students are always more comfortable with a mentor figure in a private setting, making it more likely that they will ask insightful questions and receive meaningful answers.

Save students – and parents – time and effort
Cornerstone's tutors are able to cover a lot of detail in a short amount of time. They work at your student's pace and capacity for learning, utilizing effective methods to explain advanced concepts. Every student is different, but our tutors are able to quickly identify and adapt to those individual needs and capabilities.

Create better grades in school, and on standardized tests
A private tutor can provide the instruction that your child needs, along with resources that will supplement classroom learning and preparation for standardized tests. Cornerstone students consistently demonstrate grade and score increases that can only be called incredible!

Open doors to high achievement
Cornerstone promotes new possibilities by helping students raise test scores and grades. We build better futures by unlocking doors to success. Most importantly, we provide students with the skills and strategies they need to feel more confident inside and outside the classroom!

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Cornerstone Test Prep and Tutoring helps students in all areas of the educational spectrum. Our Master's degree and PhD level tutors specialize in academic subject tutoring as well as test preparation for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and other standardized tests.  

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